How to Light the Perfect Wood burning Stove

At this time of year, customers are starting to use their Wood burning and Multi fuel stoves more and More. But are they Starting the Stove in the Right way?

Below is a Brief description of how to light the Perfect Stove, Doing it this way will ensure that the stove stays cleaner, very little smoke will be produced and the Flue Liner, which you have had installed, will not become blocked with Tars and Creosote from the wood you are Burning.


Firstly, it is Very Important that you are using the right type of wood in your stove.  Soft woods like Pine,Cedar etc light great, but will not last any time at all and also create a lot of tar and creosote, clogging up your Flue and stove, Plus you will get hardly any heat from the wood burning.  Also burning any newly cut down wood, which is still ‘Green’ will cause exactly the same issues.  You need to burn Wood which has a Moisture content of less than 16%.  You can easily and cheaply buy a moisture meter from any good DIY retailer or online retailers.  This will ensure the wood you have bought, is good enough to use.  Also look out for the ‘ READY TO BURN’ logo on bags of wood.  This ensures the wood you are buying, is good quality and should be at the correct Moisture content.

Right, Down to Business, How to light your stove.

The best way, shown by various Stove manufacturers are based on the ‘Top Down’ system.  This means that the fire is built in layers and will ensure that each layer catches light continually, which will heat up the chimney/Flue, which in turn, will create the pull on the chimney/Flue needed to suck the fumes from your stove.

The set up of this is as Follows…….

Place 2 small logs on the base of the stove chamber.  Place 2 smaller ones on top of these.  Then place a couple of slices of Kindling on top, with a Firelighter placed in between them.

Pieces of Kindling should then be placed, in a ‘Jenga’ style of pattern, for an extra 4 layers.  Place a Firelighter on top of this tower and Light it.

Open up the vents on the stove, to allow maximum air intake into the stove.  If the Kindling does not catch light immediately, then open the stove door slightly. This will allow an extra hit of air, which will light the kindling.  The fire will start at the top of the tower and burn down.  As it burns down, the heat will increase, making the flue pull more, so stopping you having a smokey room.

Once all of the wood is alight, place a couple of small logs on top  of the flames, close the door and wait a couple of minutes for this wood to light.  Once well lit, move your air controls to the normal setting stated by the stove supplier.  You can now enjoy a Stunning flame picture, with Incredible heat output and a Clean burn and low emissions into the Environment.

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