Looking for a New Marble Fireplace? Look at our Colours

Choosing a Fireplace is Easy, Choosing a Colour can be a little harder.

To Help you choose a Colour Please see below a List of the 16 Colours we can offer….

Please note.  It is almost Impossible to reflect the actual colour of the Marble through Photography.  Lighting changes it’s colour immensely , we would ask you to take this into account when you choose your specific Marble Colour.

Marfil Stone
Marfil Stone is a Rich, Taupe Coloured Marble with Slight ‘Freckles running throughout it’s Length.It is a Really Popular Colour option in our Showrooms
Pale Marfil
Our Best Selling shade of Marble. Slightly lighter than Marfil stone. Coming from the same ‘Family’ as Marfil Stone, it is a Really Neutral Coloured Marble, which will suit any Room Decor
Opal Grey
Opal Grey. A Light grey Marble coming from the same variety of Marble as Marfil stone.
White Sparkle
White Sparkle. A design led colour which is popular for Kitchens, but is now finding it’s way into Fireplaces. Catching light from different angles, this makes it shimmer in hues of Blue, Purple and silver.
Grey Quartz
A Grey Version of White Sparkle. Slightly darker than Opal Grey, it is an ideal choice as an Accent colour for your Fireplace.
Cocoa Quartz
A Cocoa coloured Sparkle marble, also Ideal as an Accent colour for a Fireplace.
Verona Marble is one of the Creamiest Marbles you can get, with very light, white grain running through it. It is becoming a little more Popular in our showrooms.
A Darker version of Verona with a slight ‘Grey; Tinge to it. A Classic coloured Marble for a Very Light room. It may be a little too dark in a small room.
Polar White
Polar White is the whitest Marble you will get. Consistent in its colour, you still have slight grey speckles in it, so it is not a solid White finish.
Madre – A white/grey Marble with lighter and darker areas. A really Popular colour for our customers
Fiorito – A Cream version of Madre, you can see the lighter and darker patches more here, a very Traditional style of Marble.
Carrera Micra
Carrera Micra. – A Micra version of the Italian Carrera Pure Marble, which is almost Impossible to obtain in quantity now. Ideal for making a Traditional style Fireplace
Portobello Quartz
A Beautiful Mushroom colour Quartz stone. Ideal for Accents on Fireplaces and Slips for Hole in The Wall Fires.
Semi Rijo
Our Name for Pure Portuguese Limestone. A Delicate Cream Colour with Veining . Fossils are usual in this type of stone, so if a Clean consistent colour and finish are wanted, please choose another marble finish.
black granite
Black Granite. One of the Purest forms of Marble and really Strong. We mainly use Granite for Marble slips for Hole in the wall Fireplaces, or Back Panel and Hearths. This is due to the cost of this material. If you want a Fireplace made in Black Granite, it does come with an additional cost