Why we No Longer Sell Online

If you are a Regular visitor to our website, You may have noticed that we have Stopped selling products off the website.

We have thought long and Hard about whether stopping online sales was the right thing to do. We have finally made the decision That it is for the Best.

This is down to a Number of Reasons, which Affect the purchase of Fires and Fireplaces.  More and More Manufacturers are dictating where their products can be sold. Some Manufacturers void the fires warranty if it is found that it has been sold online.  Some wont offer assistance if there is an Issue after it is Installed.  Most Importantly Buying through a showroom can actually give you more protection than when Buying online, Many of the Manufacturers we stock , offer FREE extended warranties on products purchased via the showrooms.

Another reason is that if the product is Supplied and Installed by ourselves, we know if there is any damage to the appliance there and then and can usually sort this out on the same day.  If you buy off the Internet, the fire will turn up. If any damage has Occurred in Transit, you will have to prove this is not your fault and then wait and delay Installation until Parts arrive in the post for you to have the Fire Fitted. Fires and Fireplaces do not lend well to being transported by Carriers.

The most Important reason, However is that we know when it is purchased via our showrooms, that it will be installed correctly and we have been able to check and double check that the fire bought, is actually going to fit into the type of Flue you have in your home.

We Pride ourselves on our Service, 40 Years in the Industry does mean that we have a vast amount of Experience and Know How of what will suit your home and your lifestyle.

Of Course we will offer certain products, that we can deliver for you.  But these will be certain products that we feel comfortable in selling to you, that are literally ‘Plug and Play’ and do not need specialist Installation .  Always try us for a price we are Really Competitive.  The amount of Customers from Down south, purchasing from us and actually collecting themselves is growing, Factoring in an Overnight stay in a hotel and 48 hours Van hire, still comes out cheaper than prices for similar, if not, Identical Fireplaces from Retailers in the London/South East area.

We Are Merseyside’s Largest Retailer of Fires, Stoves and Fireplaces and One of the Largest Companies in the UK for these products. Most of the Marble and Stone Fireplaces we show are made BY ourselves, so we can offer a Truly Bespoke Service, the ability to tweak with sizes to suit existing Carpet or Floor cut outs, To making the fireplace to ensure you do not need to Decorate, si a Service Very few Retailers can offer.


Call Into one of our Showrooms and see what we can Offer, you are always assured of a Warm Welcome !