Why you need your Stove Installed Correctly by a HETAS Installer

Wood Burning and Multi Fuel stoves have become the Latest Fashion and ‘Must Have’ for Many Design led and Aspirational Home owners.

Worried by High Energy bills now and in the Future, Many view this type of Appliance a great source for ‘Free Heat’. Whilst this is correct for home owners who live in more Rural areas, who have the endless supply of Wood, Where they can get newly cut down trees, have a place to season them for up to 2 years to dry out to less than 20% moisture content. More Urban areas do not have this facility, so you should be buying already Seasoned and Kiln dried wood from a Reliable Source. All the hard work has been done for you already, so the only issue is where to store the wood and More Importantly, getting your stove installed Correctly and Safely.

Retailers like ourselves, on a Daily basis have customers coming in to see us, asking about buying and having a Stove installed. We Patiently go through the options, which stove has the best benefits, Which one will suit their taste, have more control over the burning of the wood, which will cut down on your usage of your bought wood etc. We give prices out and then quote for Installation. Whilst the Majority of customers accept that it needs to be Installed correctly and Safely, A number of customers say they have their own Installer, or will install it themselves, with a Friend.

There is a Regulatory body for Authorised and Registered Installers in the UK, Called HETAS. They are Government Approved, Work with the HSE and are Involved in all Regulations, Laws etc involved Solid Fuel Appliances. HETAS Registered Installers go through a vast amount of Training and almost daily receive updates on what is legal and what has been banned for use on Installations.

Having it installed by a HETAS Installer, automatically bypasses the need to have your local Council calling out to sign off the installation to cover you for Building Control, it covers you with regards to your insurance on the property and belongings, but most importantly, you can rest, Safe in the knowledge that it has been installed to manufacturers instructions, to HETAS/HSE legislation and will be suitable for use in your home. The price for getting your local Building control officer to sign the stove off, normally costs around what a normal Installation by a HETAS Installer would charge you for installing, so you could be paying Double in the Long run.

Below are a few Pictures of Self Installations, Unregistered Installer fits and Some of the Horror stories Chimney sweeps and Other HETAS Installers have been met with, when someone calls them and asks can they come out and sort their Stove out, or sweep their Chimney.

All Pictures Courtesy of Members of various Facebook Installer pages